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ACT Appraisal’s “Call First Program”

ACT Appraisal’s “Call First Program” separates us from the competition. The program is a two-step process which starts with calling the highest ranked appraiser on the order and then calling the contact. We push the appraisal along and manage the process until completion.

How it benefits you:

ACT Appraisal’s Tools

AppraisalQPM is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that focuses on appraiser transparency, quality and performance. This process allows for optimization of the appraiser during the engagement process.

The ACT Distinction

With our level of experience, we have a proven track record of reducing time, efforts and costs
in managing the appraisal process.

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  • A C T

    Ac·cu·rate: Correct and exact in all details.

  • A C T

    Con·cise: Expressing much in few words; brief and to the point.

  • A C T

    Time·ly: Occurring quickly and at maximum efficiency.

“Call First” Program
ACT Appraisal Tools
The ACT Distinction

A Proud History of Strength, Security & Growth.

ACT Appraisal, Inc. is a full-service appraisal management company. We handle everything from beginning to end with the appraisal process. From the appraisal ordering and tracking to QCs and the delivery process (i.e. integration with LOS systems and software, UCDP, etc.) ACT offers a centralized appraisal solution. Our staff manages a network of certified appraisers nationwide to fulfill real estate appraisal assignments on behalf of mortgage lending institutions.

ACT Appraisal was founded almost two decades ago and has a proven track record of reducing lender’s time, efforts, and costs in managing the appraisal process. The evolution of appraisal process through regulation and technology is what makes us a leader in the industry today. We are pleased to say that we remain at the forefront of information, technology and industry trends.

Bryan Franks | Founder

ACT Appraisal's
"Call First Program"

ACT Appraisal’s “Call First Program” separates us from the competition. The program is a two-step process which starts with calling the highest ranked appraiser on the order and then calling the contact. We push the appraisal along and manage the process until completion.

Benefits to you and your client:

  • +Verifies information given for contact and makes any corrections if needed
  • +Supplies the contact with our information
  • +Provides a go-to person for follow-up
A few quick facts about ACT Appraisal

The first to introduce our innovative "Call First" Program

ACT has been an (AMC) appraisal management company since 1998

Named one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 500 2012/2013

A national network of U.S. certified and FHA approved appraisers

Aggressive turn around times for appraisals in all 50 states, D.C. & Puerto Rico

100% of our in-house (QC) quality control department are appraisers

Our founder offers over 20+ years appraising experience and expertise

Designated team contacts for each and every one of our clients

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in VA & CA

Always honest advice as we believe communication is key

ACT Appraisal is devoted to your success.

We are committed to our client’s success. Because of our commitment, we have designated team members that will become an extension of your staff, ready to assist you with all of your appraisal needs. These team members use an intelligent process of selecting appraisers based on their proximity to the subject property, certifications, experience, and our ranking/rating system to ensure your appraisals are completed by a competent, responsive appraiser.

ACT Appraisal, Inc. is dedicated to providing accurate, concise, and timely appraisal services. Our QC department is comprised solely of in-house appraisers. Each appraisal that comes through ACT is manually reviewed by our QC department to ensure that it meets industry standards, as well as underwriting overlays specific to each client.

Our people make us different.

Bryan Franks - Founder

Has extensive experience in Real Estate Valuation. He has 25+ years as a certified appraiser in the state of Illinois. Bryan currently lives in St Charles with his wife Erika and two children.

Erika Franks - Chief Operations Officer

Erika has vast experience in the appraisal management field and real estate field. Erika has been with ACT Appraisal, Inc. for the past 20+ years and is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois. Erika currently lives in St. Charles with her husband Bryan and two children.

Paul Jakl - Chief Financial Officer

Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Paul has 20+ years of experience serving as a Corporate Accountant and Financial Analyst for companies such as Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, Nextel (Sprint) and The Chamberlain Group. Paul currently lives in St. Charles with his wife Jennifer and three boys.

Ron Waite - National Sales Manager

Ron has 30+ years experience in the mortgage origination and management side of the industry. He has a very diverse perspective of the mortgage business and the relationship with residential appraisals. Ron lives in Elk Grove Village with his wife of 35 years.

At ACT Appraisal, we are licensed as an AMC in all 50 U.S. States plus D.C.
In the words of our biggest fans

“I would like to take a moment to say what a pleasure it is to be working with you and the ACT Appraisal Management Team."

The biggest compliment that I can give you is that I completely trust your follow through and rely on your industry expertise to guide me during these tumultuous times within our industry. If I ever have questions with regulations or need help with an order, you are always quick to respond. This open communication has proven to be invaluable to me and our customers.

I truly feel so lucky to have ACT Appraisal Management and you as my partners; and honestly can say you have made a true difference in my business because of the outstanding service you provide to me and our mutual customers. While there are many things to complain about within our business you’ve made at least the appraisal step for me a “non issue”.


Brenda St. Arnold Phillips
1st degree connection
Account Executive at Caliber Home Loans - Wholesale, Non Delegated & Delegated Correspondent
Greater Omaha Area

In the words of our biggest fans

Comments from one of our fans...

"ACT is one of the best referrals I have received."

"ACT really took care of me… Enjoy working with them!!"

Michael Abel
Abel Mortgage, Inc.
Jupiter, Florida 33477

In the words of our biggest fans

"Having been in our industry since March 1986, you get a feeling rather quickly for those 3rd parties who excel at their responsibilities."

After five appraisals, I knew immediately that Act Appraisal was the absolute best AMC that I have come across. I was impressed that much after five appraisals. Thanks to Act Appraisal, I was able to do $300mm in business last year and there was perhaps only 3-4 loans that I needed to really research. That is a HUGE benefit when I don’t have to worry about appraisals. I am an Account Executive for Stonegate Mortgage’s Third Party Originations channel. So, I get involved in a lot of transactions.

I have found Act Appraisal to offer the BEST customer service, the best quality, and the best follow up among the five AMCs that we use. When you call their office, someone picks up the phone. If you have an issue on a report, just email or call their QC department. He is phenomenal.

Everyone…from Ron Waite to the support staff – offers a high level of service that is unparalleled. My success and the success of many in my division is directly attributable to Act Appraisal. It’s amazing how difficult it is for most AMCs to deliver a quality report. Act Appraisal consistently delivers a quality report. Believe me, if something falls off the tracks, you want Act Appraisal to be your AMC. They will work very hard to address any and all issues. I am always confident in my transactions when Act Appraisal is the AMC.

We now use five AMCs. Act Appraisal gets 80% of our orders (5% have to go to the other four AMCs). If the decision came to me, I would use Act Appraisal 100% of the time. Please note that in late 2015 Stonegate started using the RealEC portal in order to ‘round robin’ orders to various AMCs. Therefore, an overwhelming number of my business in 2015 went to Act Appraisal and all $180mm of my business in 2014 went to Act Appraisal.

I have complained to my Management vociferously about the inability to use Act Appraisal on all of my transactions. Why? I have six issues on appraisals with other AMC’s and there is not much I can do given their service and quality issues. Act Appraisal makes my job easier by offering the highest level of support and quality. I can’t recommend an AMC any higher than Act Appraisal.

Believe me, if you want to grow your business and scratch off appraisal problems from your list, I highly recommend Act Appraisal. My business has grown and appraisal issues are at an all time low (it would be far lower if I could only work with Act Appraisal).

You are making the right decision if you sign up with Act Appraisal.

Michael Collantes

Wholesale Account Executive Loan Depot Wholesale


ACT has viable solutions that give our partners an advantage. Our goal is to create a partnership where you are well informed and connected throughout the appraisal process.
  • First class customer service
  • Designated team members to support and manage your needs
  • Online status updates available 24/7 with order status emailed directly to you
  • Staff comprised of current/former mortgage and appraisal industry professionals
  • In-house quality control dept comprised exclusively of licensed appraisers
  • 100% of all appraisals get manual QC
  • We eliminate many of the compliance challenges
  • Integration capabilities
  • Certificate of Non-Influence
  • Simple and clear appeal process
Compliance information & resources.
Quality Control is Paramount.

Every appraisal is manually assessed by our Quality Control Department.

We ensure that every detail is accurate. ACT has experienced, licensed appraisers manually QC 100% of the appraisals. In addition to utilizing our industry-leading software, we comply with all Federal, State and clients' specific guidelines.

Uniform Mortgage Data Program® (UMDP) Compliant

ACT provides UAD compliant appraisals and submit directly to the GSE’s in XML format through the UCDP and EAD.

Certificate of Non Influence and Compliance

ACT Appraisal, Inc. – an independent third party appraisal company – certifies our appraisal reports are completed in compliance with all current appraisal independence requirements as defined by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration, in strict adherence to our non-influence policy and process.

AppraisalVision Artificial Intelligence

ACT can turn your current order management process into a “consumer Journey”.

ACT is creating a more efficient “digital” supply chain for financial service companies.

ACT is much more than your current management platform, we are analytics, connection to LOS, selection, payment, QC.

ACT will inject “actionable insight” into the consumer journey.

Vision Selection:

  • Embed Prescriptive Analytics into your vendor selection process(reduce turn times and cost, improve quality, reliability and compliance).

Vision Connect:

  • Vision Connect enables a company to embed predictive analytics into the existing systems…transforming the consumer journey and making outcomes more predictable.


  • You need predictive and perspective analytics to transform the consumer journey.
  • The data to drive predictive and perspective analytics comes from various sources.
  • Vision Analytics, Vision Select, Vision Order, and QC leverages the analytics to drive the appraisal process-and, drastically reduces the time to “verify the value of a home”.

Transform your customer journey-ACT can predict and change outcomes.

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ACT Appraisal provides full service support nationwide, managed from 3 office locations. We'd love to hear from you. Call, email or fill out the form below to connect with our experienced team.

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