Putting the Service Back in Customer Service: The ACT Appraisal Way

Putting the Service Back in Customer Service: The ACT Appraisal Way

Technological advancements and the continued push towards the digital world, customer service is often no longer the priority for many businesses. We communicate solely through emails, social media, and texts where customers and clients are just an email address or phone number instead of a handshake and warm smile.


With new appraisal software, many appraisal management companies (AMCs) have switched to digital platforms, and business is conducted solely through the appraisal platforms and emails. If there is an issue with the product or service, phone numbers to the AMCs are few and far between.

ACT Appraisal does things differently. With an in-house staff of mortgage and appraisal industry professionals, ACT Appraisal puts customer service first. Whether you’re a lender or an appraiser, ACT Appraisal’s team members are there to support and manage your needs.

ACT Appraisal combines cutting-edge appraisal software with a hands-on approach to customer service to provide lenders with first class customer service. ACT Appraisal was one of the first AMCs in the country to implement AppraisalQPM, a digital platform that utilizes a machine learning algorithm that helps AMCs choose the best appraisers for the job based on quality, reliability, and current turn times for the area.

Once an appraiser is selected for an order, ACT Appraisal uses its value-added “call first program.” Many AMCs will just broadcast an order to a list of 20-30 appraisers in an area, and whoever responds first will win the order.  But, ACT Appraisal is different. Using its signature “call first program,” ACT Appraisal will personally reach out to selected appraisers by phone to see if they are available to take the order and will meet the required lender deadline.

After an order is placed with an appraiser, the ACT Appraisal team will continue to monitor the order through continued communication with the appraiser to ensure quality and timeliness. Lenders are updated with automated electronic progress reports throughout the entire appraisal process. Before the final appraisal report is ever sent to the lender, ACT Appraisal’s internal Quality Control team of licensed/certified appraisers will review the appraisal for accuracy and quality.

Maya Angelou once said, “Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” ACT Appraisal prides itself on having one of the best customer service experiences in the industry, which is why so many of its customers are repeat business. If you’re looking for an AMC that will deliver quality appraisals on time, look no further than ACT Appraisal.


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